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Hohokum (PS) is a colorful journey of innocent abandon. While at times I get frustrated for having no sense of direction or objective, it’s refreshing.

There’s very few trophies. No objectives. Just you figuring out how objects a around you react and to put everything into perspective.

The music is ambient and upbeat. The environments a colorful kaleidoscope. All in all this game is a great escape from tense FPS or button mashing side scrollers.

However if you need an objective or have no patience for figuring out how a game works, this isn’t for you. This is a game with no introductions. You jump in and give into the child-like aura the game has.

Themes on PS4?

Recently in a podcast with some PlayStation blog members it was let loose that themes would be coming to PS4. Since then it’s been revoked as an error and that particular part of the podcast has been removed.

Was it really an error? Doubtful. People let things slip. We’re only human. And besides the official post on Patch 2.0 says there will be “more to come” besides the game sharing feature and YouTube App. We can only hope to retain some personalization features at one point down the road.

Firmware update 2.0 is slated for release in Autumn.

The Problem with the Gaming Community

A large problem I see recurring over and over is with the gaming community is this sense of Bandwagon happy people. Particularly with the use of social media, it’s really become a thing. 

July 29th an IGN columnist wrote an article about why people hate Indies. Found here, he really nails the issue on the head and parallels with what I’ve been thinking. Right now there is a huge stigma against Indies. Some of the reasons are blatant opinions. However most seem like petty excuses to throw stones and hate. Therein lies the problem, one person dislikes something and comments about it, so that becomes the official word. 

Indies are just an example here because to me it’s the biggest of them all right now. But think about it. Many Indies offer replay-ability or endless hours of fun for $15. Whereas you can get an AAA title with a mind boggling 7 hours worth of game play. Just because a game isn’t graphically intense or funded by a major studio doesn’t debunk it as being discredited as a game.

Which leads to my next point. I remember playing Super Mario ‘64 and thinking it was the best game ever. There’s not really any voice acting, graphics are hell compared to something like GTAV, back then no one cared which studio made it…which is my point…back then no one gave a flying waffle cake who the hell made a game, what it ran at, what the voice acting was like.

Don’t get me wrong, lower quality games you could notice. However I don’t get the constant droning whining need to point out and scrutinize whether a game runs at 60FPS or is 1080p. Is it really such a difference? Oh wait if I look (closely) you can see the difference between 30 and 60fps. Sure…I’ll be squinting at my screen for phantom frame flickers. While watching Microsofts livestream for a game called Quantum Break I believe someone commented saying the graphics were muddy…how? Not to mention the fact it’s being broadcasted online with thousands watching so the image is surely distorted. It’s just mind boggling that so many have forgotten the important aspects of a game. Story/plot, character background/make-up, setting.

I sincerely believe this whole ordeal is what has buried the PS Vita. People all across the Internet complained about how it has a bad catalog, “there’s no games to play”. So now that Sony has basically given up on it people are angry at them. Sony is a corporation. They make money. Why would they pump money into an AAA game for Vita when no one would buy it? They haven’t made profit from it, so they’re dumping it. The ones who complained are to thank. I have a PS Vita, and there’s to many games for me to afford or have time for. Graphically it’s beautiful. I like the UI. But it was discredited and striped of all it’s adornments by the Bandwagon community.

If anyone should be complaining about anything, it should be the growing habit of developers putting out half-produced games. Also the nickle-and-dime habit of microtransactions.

As a gamer. I want to experience things. I want a wow factor. I’ve gotten more of that factor from Indies than AAA’s sometimes. Which is why it’s so frustrating that there is so much malevolence towards Indies or Sony promoting them. All Sony is doing is giving small time teams the chance to actual make something of themselves. This doesn’t affect AAA titles at all. If anything it’s bringing us more titles/variety. The only reason we’re not seeing a lot of AAA’s right now is because we’re early in the console cycle and many games have been getting delayed.

So, if you’ve read all of this hopefully you get that there’s so many factors and things to consider on this topic. So the next time you purchase a game, don’t watch/read ONE review or watch an official trailer. Investigate the pro’s and con’s of the game, watch some raw livestreaming game footage if you can to gauge whether it’s your type of game. It’s your money, get as much out of it as you can. Or just spend $64 on 7 hours. We live in an age of gaming marvels and revolution. Indie or AAA, PC or console, just enjoy the games…but make sure they’re YOU’RE games, not the guy with the username assblaster9001 on Youtubes.

Battlefield Hardline Single Player Reveal

Mixed reviews are being had about Viscerals reveal of BF: Hardlines Single Player video. Found here, in the comments section you can clearly see the mixed views. Some moronic others with good points. 

One such view stood out to me. It’s near the top, but let me quote, 

"I don’t care what anybody says. I can’t wait for this. I’m actually glad that Battlefield took a new route here. Better than COD, which is the same thing every year. At least Battlefield took the effort to change it up."

He’s right. It was the most bizarre thing ever when the Beta for Hardline released. As an avid BF4 player who’s actively involved in hardcore players of the community. I’ve heard so much that the game has grown “stale”, which after you log 400 hours into a game…no doubt it will. Sound opinion right? However when Hardline Beta dropped, cried of how it was to similar to BF4 resounded. 

People fail to understand that it’s Battlefield Hardline. It’s a part of the franchise. In my opinion Visceral nailed the gameplay aspect as far as keeping it in the realm of Battlefield, but mixing up certain aspects. Simple things such as shooting cars, reviving yourself, being able to hang out of a car….that’s all fresh for me. That all had a “wow” factor to it when I played it. 

In conclusion, before you disclaim Hardline as a rip off should-be DLC for BF4. Investigate, form your own opinion, list pro’s and con’s. Hardline is slated to release early next year. 

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