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PSN Sales

There’s an absurd amount if sales going on right now for PS. Across all platforms. Games like Persona 4 Golden and Persona 2. I can’t even fathom them all, please take time to check’em out. I’ll try to get a link.

These sales are, of course, exclusive to PS Plus members. There’ll be more to come over the next month.

Dragons Teeth

Battlefield 4’s latest DLC expansion releases tomorrow (for premium)! Currently Battlefest is going on, which is a month long celebration with various activities for players. At present (ending today) is a double XP event.

Dragons Teeth boast urban warfare with close quarters maps. If I weren’t on mobile I’d find a link. A short google will surely bring you to and variety of info on this DLC however.

One map features a floating restaurant, the lake can be sunk opening up avenues for vehicular warfare. This map is called Sunken Dragon. Another map is fairly open, which I believe is called Propaganda. Another features a LEVULTION affect with a train. For me, this DLC is long awaited since I love close quarters. See you on the battlefield ;)

So I got this on my PS4. It’s currently $4.98 I believe for PS Plus members. I wanted a cheap game and did my research on this game, figured I’d give it a whirl. I like it, the artwork is very nice. And it faintly reminds me if Minecraft mixed with a platformer.

From what I understand every “new” game is a fresh map with new ores in different areas. The story is simple, you’re a robot and your uncle died and he left you his mine. Slowly as you mine you get new abilities. So its progressive for sure.

Regardless I wanted to get the word out about this game because I think it’s a great value. Its cross buy to both PS4 and PS Vita. On that note, I’m enjoying it MORE on PS4. This was clearly designed for the PSV. And it looks beautiful on it! Controls feel comfortable on both consoles however. If you’re into exploration, pretty hand drawn graphics, and very chill gameplay this is for you. For under $5 it’s a steal.

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