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NEW 3DS (literally)

Nintendo recently dropped the bombshell of releasing a “new” 3DS XL…literally the “new” 3DS XL. Many of the features are well sought after and surprising to some. Among them are:

  • More powerful CPU (meaning faster load times, etc)
  • New browser with HTML5
  • Micro SD card capability (for extra storage)
  • Gyro sensor cameras for eyeball movement tracking to increase accuracy of the 3D affect/decrease blur. 
  • (Naturally) it’s better on battery life (approx. 7 hours)
  • A new feature that allows the 3DS to adjust brightness depending on the lighting. 
  • Colored buttons!
  • ZR and ZL buttons (back ones)
  • C-Stick 

The New Nintendo 3DS is priced at 16,000 yen ($154) and the New Nintendo 3DS XL is priced at 18,800 yen ($181). Both will be out October 11 in Japan. Nintendo didn’t say anything about plans to bring the console to the U.S. other than that it will not happen in 2014.” - Kotaku

Keep in mind that some games will be releasing strictly for the new 3DS as to the fact they won’t run on the technical side on the old 3DS. Naturally they’ll still make games for the old. Nintendo has, in essence however, splintered their player base. 

Some links to sexy GIFs and pictures, as well as a full in-depth compilation of the features with this bad boy are here

You can find an in depth comparison of the old to the new here

There’s also a rumor floating around on NeoGaf that the new 3DS will “nearly” have DOUBLE the RAM. Find that forum link here

As someone who just bought a 3DS XL finally, after all this time. I’m pretty pissed because this is just my luck. I can’t lie and say I don’t want the new one, I think this will be a big thing (possibly even their come back if they market and spin it off right). There’s some nostalgia points in there, so I really think it has the potential and of course people have been asking for hardware advancements for ages now. Some of the new features are really nice as well. What do YOU all think? Do you scorn Nintendo for halfing their player base and (albeit not altogether) leaving the old behind? Or praise them for bringing in newer, better hardware with fresh features, style and upgrades? 

PSN Is Down

PSN was originally scheduled for maintenance tomorrow (25th). It’s been down the past several hours along with other services such as Blizzards and Riots LoL.

This is due to a DDOS attack and not maintenance. A group by the name of Lizard Squad via Twitter claimed to be doing it but it seems unlikely. Their reasoning is because Sonys PS Plus lineup is weak. If that was the case why attack Blizz and Riot?

Regardless Sony is working on restoring PSN and SOE is now slowly letting people in, you may still have trouble depending on your route . Also last I heard Riot had recovered. Not completely sure.

Hohokum (PS) is a colorful journey of innocent abandon. While at times I get frustrated for having no sense of direction or objective, it’s refreshing.

There’s very few trophies. No objectives. Just you figuring out how objects a around you react and to put everything into perspective.

The music is ambient and upbeat. The environments a colorful kaleidoscope. All in all this game is a great escape from tense FPS or button mashing side scrollers.

However if you need an objective or have no patience for figuring out how a game works, this isn’t for you. This is a game with no introductions. You jump in and give into the child-like aura the game has.

Themes on PS4?

Recently in a podcast with some PlayStation blog members it was let loose that themes would be coming to PS4. Since then it’s been revoked as an error and that particular part of the podcast has been removed.

Was it really an error? Doubtful. People let things slip. We’re only human. And besides the official post on Patch 2.0 says there will be “more to come” besides the game sharing feature and YouTube App. We can only hope to retain some personalization features at one point down the road.

Firmware update 2.0 is slated for release in Autumn.

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